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Bellow seal valve

High performance bellows valves

Bellows Valves 25065-66 Bellows valve designed for the chemical and petrochemical industries, process plants, refineries and thermal power plants.

Data sheet: Nominal diameters: DN 15-300 (1/2 ″ -12 ″) Nominal pressure: PN 40

Standard construction materials: GS-C25 carbon steel, 1.4408 / A351 (CF8M) stainless steel. Connections: DIN flanges, BW weld ends

Construction designs: Flanged straight through valve, welded ends straight through valve. Working temperature: -60ºC to + 400ºC

General Applications: Saturated Steam, Superheated Steam, Thermal Oil, Superheated Water, Ethylene Oxide, Chlorine, Acids, Bases, and Process Fluids

PRV / Ball / Butterfly

pressure reducing valve

Pressure reducing valves

With the launch of a new pressure reducing valve, PRV50065, BVALVE is positioned as one of the leading manufacturers of self-regulating valves.

»Compact construction Its small dimensions facilitate its installation (size 20% smaller than competitive models)

»Springs protected by a closed bonnet made of stainless steel (1.4404 / SS316L) 
Extends the useful life of the springs avoiding their corrosion.
»Does not require compensation barrel. Direct connection to the pipe
»Internal parts in contact with the fluid made of stainless steel. (1.4404 / SS316L)
»High precision in regulation thanks to its balanced design
»Body made of high quality carbon steel (GS-C 25) Unlike low-grade materials, such as cast iron or ductile iron, used by the competition

»Equipped with drain socket
»Easy manual adjustment of the required pressure
»Mechanism for visual check of valve operation

High quality forged ball valves

Ball valves

STARLINE is the world’s leading Italian company in the manufacture of high quality Forged Ball Valves for all applications and working conditions. Combines flange, weld and threaded end connections. Size ranges from 1/2 ″ to 8 ″, ANSI class 150 to 2500. High quality materials commonly used are MONEL, HASTELLOY C4, ALLOY 20, INCONEL 625, TITANIUM, F51, AISI 904 L, DUPLEX, SUPERDUPLEX (Consult other materials)

STARLINE production includes a wide range of high quality forged BALL VALVES. The valves are classified according to their application: Low, Medium or High Pressure.

In addition, Starline has two lines of specific valves: one for special uses (abrasive services, cryogenic services) and another for customized products based on customer needs.

The union Schubert & Salzer / STARLINE in our country confers strength and capacity to supply in 24 hours to any point of the Peninsula of forged ball valves of the highest quality. For this, Schubert & Salzer has a large stock of STARLINE valves. The maintenance of strategic reserves of parts allows us to offer our clients a better service in the shortest possible time. This material forecasting system is a key factor in Schubert’s competitiveness in the industry.

  • High Pressure Forged Valves


Butterfly valves

Double eccentricity principle
This principle provides a secure and virtually wear-free closure. Due to the double displacement of the shaft, the valve disc rises from its seat at the beginning of the opening movement. At this time, the seat is free of any pressure exerted on the entire circumference, this means that the 90º rotational movement is friction-free with very low operating torques. These constructive characteristics allow the valve to achieve and maintain a high operating functionality regime, even with high opening and closing frequencies.

This principle provides Class VI tightness per ANSI B16.104 with R-PTFE and metal / metal seat

High durability in service : The inserted body ring efficiently protects the seat from direct fluid passage and prevents wear such as erosion and abrasion when the valve is installed in the recommended flow direction.

Reliability : The double eccentricity principle with a spherical sealing surface on the disc allows the valve to operate with negligible wear. The high level of tightness and low operating torques are guaranteed. The valve is designed for a minimum of one million cycles.

Proper and variable fit
Length: EN 558 T1 – line 20 (25/16)
DIN 3202 / K1 (k2 / K3)

Optional: tongue and groove version according to DIN 2512

Easy maintenance
Axial centering of the shaft can be easily achieved and is prepared for subsequent maintenance operations.

Precise mounting
Very simple assembly due to the centering holes for any type of flange.

Security (Option TA-Luft). Shaft seal
The tension can be increased under the mounting flange, so the shaft packing can be adjusted without disassembling the actuator.

Standard mounting flange according to DIN 3337
Direct mounting of the actuator without the need to interfere with the valve shaft.
High variety and interchangeability depending on the size of the actuator.

Shut-off / Safety / Globe


Shut-off valves and hot gas mixers

In the early 1970s, a new process for the desulfurization of natural gas was developed by SNEA of France together with LURGI of Germany. Said process called “SULFREEN” was initially tested in a place near Lacq in France.

OHL developed the valves for the prototype plant, and since then and due to the tremendous initial success, the world famous CAM, CCM and CDM valves evolved and today they are available in sizes from 1 ″ (25 mm) to 80 ″ ( 2,000 mm).

Valves with these characteristics must be very robust, with metal / metal closures, with a heating chamber to heat or cool the process and totally bubble-tight in the closed position.

OHL has supplied REACTOR INTERRUPTION VALVES AND HOT GAS MIXERS in more than 130 plants around the world for gas cleaning units.


  • Natural gas desulfurization plants
  • Gas cleaning plants

Steam Safety Valve

Pressure relief valves according to API 526 with standardized capacities and dimensions

  • Compliance with API 526
  • Diverse selection of high-alloy materials available as standard
  • Longer lifetime due to hardened discs, partly stellated seats and integrated shielding of the optional bellows
  • Single trim: Identical internal parts for S/G/L for cost-effective maintenance
  • LESER Nano tightness: Exceeds the tightness requirements of API 527 by 50%

    Size  :   DN 25 – DN 200 | 1″ – 8″
    Rating  :   CL150  –  CL2500
    Pressure   :   0.12 bar – 413.7 bar | 2 psig – 6,000 psig
    Actual orifice diameter d0   :   14  –  161,5 mm
    Actual orifice area A0   :   154  –  20485 mm²
    Material    :   1.0619, 1.4408, 1.7357 | SA 216 WCB, SA 351 CF8M, SA 217 WC6, SA 352 LCB, SA 351 CF3M, SA 995 Gr 4A CD3MN (Duplex), SA 494 M35-1 (Monel)
    Temperature   :   -268 °C bis 538 °C | -450 °F bis 1,000 °F
    End  :   Flange in accordance with ASME B 16.5 or DIN EN 1092
    Load Type  :   Spring-loaded

    Feature and Benefit:

    » High blow-off capacity in comparison to valve size
    » Outstanding value for the price
    » Simple and robust construction
    » Single trim (identical internal parts for steam/gas/liquid) allows economical maintenance
    » Large selection of options for different operating conditions
    » Proven thousands of times

» Chemical
» Oil & Gas
» Petrochemical
» Technical Gases» General Industries

Globe Valves


Globe valves are used for shut-off or regulating of a flow in a pipeline, and exist in different style :

  • Straight pattern: Most common type
  • Y-Type: For maximum flow with low pressure-drop

Our range covers both style, but we will mention here the most common types straight patterns.

  • Forged steel Globe valves, ANSI 800, 1500, sizes ½” to 2” 
    • Bolted Bonnet, connection NPT, SW, or Flanged, in materials A105, LF2, 304L, 316L, F11, F22, F91.
  • Forged steel Globe valves, ANSI 1500, 2500, 4500, sizes ½” to 12” 
    • Bonnetless, connections NPT, SW or BW, in material A105, LF2, 304L, 316L, F11, F22, F91.
  • Cast steel Globe valves ANSI 150, 300, 600, 1500, 2500, sizes 2” to 24” 
    • Bolted Bonnet connection BW or Flanged, in materials A216WCB, WC6, WC9, CI2A, CF8M.
  • Cast steel valves ANSI 600, 900, 1500, 2500, sizes 2” to 16” 
    • Pressure Seal, connection BW or Flanged, in materials A216WCB, WC6, WC9, CI2A, CF8M.

All accessories and equipment available:

  • Electric or pneumatic actuators
  • Limit switches
  • Locking devices
  • Position indicators
  • Regulating plugs

Control valve / Glass / Gate

Three Way Control Valves

Three way control valves are ideal for those applications essential to the recirculation of fluids, be it mixing or diversifying or realising functions that contribute energy to the process (to heat or to cool).

3 way valves are manufactured in nodular cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel, from DN15 to DN250 in PN16/40, with packing made of Teflon/graphite or with stainless steel bellows 1.4571.

They can all be equipped with pneumatic actuators and with accessories including: pneumatic or electro-pneumatic type positioners, electrical position indicator with 2 switches, manual emergency control and electric valves for filter regulators and air feeding.

Electric actuators are equipped with metal housing IP65, electrical position indicator with 2 switches, manual emergency control and thermal protection for over heating. Also you can install an electric positioner with a control signal of 4-20mA or 0-10V.C.C.

There also exists a version with the function of return to security position in case of a failure of the electric supply.

The 3 way valves with bellows has a double wall of stainless steel which means that it can be replaced in the production line and because the fluid is circulating in its interior it avoids breakages and creates an area of air heat insulation.

The main applications of 3way  valves are thermal oils, glical, fluids with high salt content, high heated water and amoniac, used as process fluids

glass valve

Glass Valve


  • Flanged Sight Flow Indicators
  • Flanged Rectangular Tank Sight Glass Fitting
  • Flanged Circular Tank Sight Glass Fitting
  • Flanged 3 Way Sight Flow Indicators
  • Flanged Tubular Sight Flow Indicators

Size & Connections

    • 8mm (1/4”) to 200 mm (8”)
    • ASA Flanged
    • DIN Flanged
  • Duty

    • Water
    • Steam
    • Liquids
    • Gases

Pressure Rating

  • PN16/ASA 150 = 16 bar g
  • PN40/ASA 300 = 40 bar g

Gate valves

  • Full-bore design with low headloss
  • Drop-tight sealing
  • Back-seating facility; enables change of stem seals while the valve is under pressure (BS5163)
  • O-ring stem seals as standard (gland style stuffing box available)
  • Low operating torques, for smooth operation
  • ISO 5210 top-flange available
  • Spur & Bevel Gearboxes
  • Integral by-pass line for larger valves
  • Easily replaceable O-ring shaft seals

All kinds of optional features are available, such as:

  1. Full option on materials and trim:
    a) Ductile iron
    b) Cast steel
    c) Aluminium Bronze
    d) Duplex & Super-Duplex
    e) Etc.
  2. Channel guides & shoes.
  3. Ball thrust bearings, jacking screws etc.
  4. Various drive options:
    a) Handwheel or cap top
    b) Spur gearbox or Bevel gearbox
    c) Electric actuation
    d) Hydraulic actuation
    e) Pneumatic actuation
  5. Special coatings.