Fire Safety protection

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non-return valve fire

Non-Return Valve

Material: Ductile Iron EN-GJS-450-10
Working Pressure: PN10/16
Temperature Range: 0℃- 80℃
Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating in accordance with ANSI/
Size: DN15 to DN300

Flanged Resilient Swing check valve, Grooved Resilient Swing check valve.
*  Connection Ends: Flange to BS EN 1092-2:1997, Groove to ISO 6182
Pumps, Industrial processes, Domestic use

landing valve

Landing Valve

Landing valves are suitable for installation on wet risers in buildings for fire fighting purposes, permanently charged with water from a pressurized supply. They are Globe valves that are installed on hydrants, a branch and hose is connected to a coupling on it.

Pressure Relief Valve 

Angle Pressure Relief Valve is designed specifically to automatically relieve excess pressure in fire protection pumping systems. Pilot controlled, it maintains constant system pressure at the pump discharge within very close limits as demands change. .

foot valve

Foot Valve

foot valve is virtually a second suction valve placed at the bottom or foot of the suction pipe. Foot valves are check valves that make sure that the pump is always primed.

* Flanged and Threaded available
Municipal Water Treatment, Rural Fire Protection, Irrigation/Agriculture,
Industrial, HVAC, Car Wash Systems.


Strainer is designed to separate debris from flow to provide economical protection for pumps and valves in fire pipeline. It is usually installed at inlet side of valves and furnished with strainer screen, drain connection and pipe plug. The strainer screen is used to remove foreign matter, as well as drain connection and pipe plug make it easy for cleaning work and maintenance.

hose pipe
Fire Hose Pipe
Usage/ApplicationFire Fighting
Diameter25-50 mm
Packaging TypeRoll
Hose ColorRed
Minimum Order Quantity1458 Meter